Reality TV Casting Calls

Casting Real People, Real Talent

Characters Networks are Looking for

Reality TV Casting is looking for HUGE personalities who match what a major cable network is looking for. If you fit the following characters, please email us at [email protected] with a current photo, a brief paragraph describing yourself, contact information and the following character you match.

If we think you're a fit we will contact you with additional information. Please type "Character Wanted" in the subject line.


Looking for sisters or brothers who are not identical and totally not alike. OR who never knew they were twins or who found out their cousin was really their twin.

Looking for twins who own a business together who always have an opinion for their clients and/or have to work together in order to fulfill the requests of their clients.

Looking for sisters or twins who are competitors in their own business or competitors working for the same company.

Couples Who Are Exes

Looking for couples who are exes who are dating or married to other people and own a business together or competing at the same company. Exes who always have an opinion for their clients but can't handle their own problems. Couples who are divorce lawyers who are dating, married or exes is a plus!

Modern Moms

Looking for transgender women who are raising a teenage daughter or son and struggling to have a relationship.

Looking for moms raising kids from the same sperm donor who all live under the same roof.

Serial Daters

Looking for people who have a large number of short term romantic, physical or sexual relationships and seem unable to commit or remain in a romance relationship for any length of time. People who have unrealistic standards in their love partners because they are often looking for “Mr. Right” or “Ms. Right."

Neighbors or Families who Live on the Same Street

Looking for neighbors and relatives all dealing with each other on the same street or in the same neighborhood. Maybe your ex lives on the same street, along with your mother-in-law and new boyfriend?!