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Are You The Next Reality Show Hit?


Casting Now Closed

Reality TV re-invents itself every second. Those who follow the madness are the ones most likely to be cast. Do you know what entertainment executives are REALLY looking for? Well we do. And we know it when we see it. If you feel you're what we're looking for or you fit one of our castings on the home page we want to hear from you. If you are 18-35 and own a business heavily involved with social media OR connections to a celebrity, YOU'RE A PLUS! Email us at [email protected] and include your photo, a brief summary about yourself and why you should be on Reality TV. If you have what we are looking for, we will contact you.


If everyone and their mamma can get a reality show, then why not you? And why did that Gary guy's show sell and yours didn’t? It must be a conspiracy! No, it’s something else. Do you have it? We entertain reality ideas that are unique to what is currently being offered. Get in the game.