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Reality TV Casting is home to Emmy Award Winning Reality Television Producer and Casting Director seeking real people for reality TV shows on major cable networks.

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CASTING BEAUTIFUL WIVES, GIRLFRIENDS AND EXES WHO HAVE DATED OR MARRIED A CELEBRITY for an upcoming reality TV series to air on a major cable network. We’re looking for attractive and stylish females with huge personalities ages 21 – 40 who are the spouse, ex, lover or sweetheart of a known celebrity or wealthy man. We’re looking for that Sex and the City style and class female with those Love and Hip-Hop ways. Was there a bad break-up? Are you currently dating? Are there any regrets? Are you still friends with him? Is your marriage a struggle? If you or anyone you know is a beautiful ex, wife or girlfriend of a celebrity or wealthy man and can identify with any or all of the above and live in Texas, we want to hear from you. Please submit your photo, age, name, and contact info to: Also, let us know why you are a perfect fit for the show and if your celebrity or wealthy man would also be willing to appear.

CASTING WOMEN WHO LIVE IN OR NEAR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA WHO WERE INVOLVED IN A SCANDAL to star in a new television docu-series to air on a major cable network. We’re looking for outspoken and confident women who are still connected to men who have been part of a scandal in Richmond. Are you the betrayed lover? Was your man convicted of a crime? Any relationship that was or still is connected to scandal, betrayal or crime, we want to hear from you. Please submit your photo, age, name, and contact info to:

What's Your Story

To quote a popular reality show, “As you know in fashion, one day you're in, and the next day, you're out.” As for Hollywood, you’re always out and you can never get in.

If people tell you that you should have your own reality show or your true-life story should be a movie, they have no idea about Hollywood. If someone around you knew, you would have gotten your own reality show or made for television movie? You don't because there are millions of people in your shoes trying to do the same thing. Sad truth is, you have a better chance at winning the lottery than selling an idea. Only a few succeed. But who are those few?


Is your lifestyle, business, family or hobby interesting enough for TV? Are you an expert of a specific profession? Is your reality show idea or true story unique? if so, you have a chance. Now you need someone who has connections with network executives to help you out. Many try to break into Hollywood alone, but never make it.

If you would like assistance selling your idea, please contact Entertainment Help.

Is Your Book Or Story Idea

A Hollywood Movie?


How To Get An Agent For Your Reality Show Idea or Screenplay in 5 Easy Steps

You can follow these five easy steps or you can avoid these steps and keep looking for shortcuts or believing all you have to do is write a great script and if someone could just read it, they would want it. Every creative soul believes that, but that’s just not the case in this industry. Without an agent, how do you know a network or studio will even want it? That’s right, you don’t. But an agent does!

Avoiding any of these five easy steps can be like searching the internet without a search engine!

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